December 2006, China

Country: China

Location: Wolong Panda Reserve in Sichuan Province

Date: December 2006

Panda: unknown cubs

A tourist who has paid to “frolic” with Giant Panda cubs is knocked to the ground and overwhelmed by the adorable cubs. Take a look at the pictures as the experience turns from fun to fearsome. The Daily Mail reports:

She made the mistake of stroking them on the head a little too enthusiastically – and found herself suddenly knocked to the ground.

The woman had to be dragged from the pen while a panda gripped her around the waist, and was eventually lifted out of danger by her boyfriend.

This is hardly the worst panda attack listed here, but I have included it because these types of minor attacks are apparently fairly common. As the Taipei Times notes:

Pandas have a wild streak and are capable of attacking humans, especially if they feel threatened, experts say.

Such attacks are frequent in China, where zoo-goers often climb fences to get a closer look at the animals.

Link: When giant panda cubs attack


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