November 2008, China 2

Country: China

Location: Animal Protection Institute (near Xian, China)

Date: 6 November 2008

Panda: unknown panda


A 15 year old Australian girl received injuries to her hand when she attempted to pet a panda during a visit to a “panda santuary” near Xian, China. Not much of a santuary for the pandas if they let a group of visiting school kids into their enclosure, is it?

In an article entitled “Once bitten … Brighton East teen panda-shy after attack”, the Bayside Leader reports that Georgia Treu required more than 45 stitches to her left hand.

The Herald Sun describes the incident:

At the time, St Leonard’s College principal Dr Roger Hayward said the incident happened after a guide briefly left the students alone in an enclosure.

The Year 9 students were in the cage for feeding and cleaning.

“An English speaking guide took a small group into an enclosure, the guide called the panda over, and the panda was still on the other side of the cage.

“That staff member then went off to get something, and the panda started licking the girls’ hand and it then bit her,” Dr Hayward said.

Link: BBC report


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