Tai Shan going to China, parents hoping for new cub

Four year-old panda Tai Shan will be leaving the National Zoo in Washington, DC, USA to go to China sometime after the end of January 2010. You may recall Tai Shan, whose name means “peaceful mountain”, from his March 2008 attack on his keeper. All of the giant pandas in the US, including those born in captivity like Tai Shan, belong to China. According to UPI, the zoo is planning to send Tai Shan off with a party on 30 January.

Meanwhile, Tai Shan’s mother Mei Xian has been artificially inseminated. Tai Shan was the product of a successful artificial insemination and was born at the National Zoo.


3 Responses to “Tai Shan going to China, parents hoping for new cub”

  1. 1 School101 2010/05/18 at 13:40

    OMG! This article is very appauling. I mean a child gets their leg mauled on! REALLY??!? I mean, I’m all for saving the pandas, but now that I know they are extremely vicious, Im thinking twice about donating money to save the creepy pandas.

  2. 2 sylvia 2011/02/14 at 12:06

    i love pandas!!!!!!!!! they are so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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