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What makes Gu Gu the panda attack?

Gu Gu, one of the Beijing Zoo’s pandas, has been in the news for three attacks on humans in as many years. In 2006, he bit (and was bitten by) a drunken man who climbed into his enclosure. In 2007, he bit a teen who tried to hug him while he was feeding. In 2009, he mauled a man who climbed into his enclosure to retrieve a toy.

What is it about Gu Gu that makes him so vicious? Well, nothing other than being a normal adult male bear, actually. The real question have so many people been able to invade his territory and open themselves up to attack?

The answer may be revealed in this video clip from CNN. As you can see in the video, all that prevents zoo visitors from entering the panda enclosure is a steel railing. Once they climb over the railing, however, there is a fairly deep pit which prevents them (and the pandas) from climbing back out.

It’s great that zoo visitors have an open and unobstructed view of the pandas, but maybe after three attacks it’s time to think about preventing visitors from so easily entering the panda area?


October 2007, China 2

Country: China

Location: Hangzhou Zoo

Date: October 2007

Panda: Cheng Cheng


Although the circumstances are unclear, the gist of it seems to be that Cheng Cheng attacked a security guard while attempting to, or possibly succeeding at, escaping from its enclosure. As the Shanghai Daily reports:

The guard surnamed Wang was bit on the left leg and ankle by a panda named Cheng Cheng and doctors said he would need at least three months of rest before walking again, the report said.

Link: Panda bites guard at Hangzhou Zoo

August 2007, China

Country: China

Location: zoo (Lanzhou, Gansu province)

Date: 4 August 2007

Panda: Lan Zai


Zookeeper attacked and bitten, requiring over 100 stitches. The Associated Press reports:

Zhang was feeding the panda from outside the enclosure, sticking his arms through the wire, when the panda, Lan Zai, grabbed his arms and began biting them and then scratched his legs, Zhou said in a telephone interview.

Link: Panda attacks zookeeper in China, man needs more than 100 stitches

October 2007, China

Country: China

Location: Beijing Zoo

Date: 21 November 2008

Panda: Gu Gu


From the Associated Press:

A male panda at the Beijing Zoo once bitten by a drunk tourist attacked a teenager, ripping chunks out of the boy’s legs, officials and a newspaper said Tuesday.

The 15-year-old had jumped over a 4-foot, 7-inch barrier surrounding an outdoor exercise area for pandas on Monday afternoon while 8-year-old Gu Gu and another bear were being fed, said a man surnamed Zhang, the director of the zoo management office.

The teen startled 240-pound Gu Gu, who bit the unwanted visitor on both legs, said Zhang, who would not give his full name.




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