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May 2011, China

Country: China

Location: Wuhan Zoo, Hubei

Date: 2 May 2011

Panda: Hope


Hope, a five year-old male panda in Wuhan Zoo, chased and killed a peacock that had strayed into its enclosure. Although peacocks often entered the panda area from their neighbouring enclosure, this is the first time that one had been killed. The Telegraph reported:

Chen Jun, zoo keeper, said: “In spite of the general impression of being docile, panda is after all an animal. As an omnivorous animal though, giant panda sometimes eats meat.

“As you can see at the video, the panda reacted quite fast and ran at a surprising speed.”


March 2011, USA

Country: USA

Location: San Diego Zoo, San Diego

Date: 13 March 2011

Panda: Bai Yun (White Cloud)


Nineteen year-old female panda Bai Yun apparently pushed her way through an unlocked gate meant to separate her from her keepers. When the keepers attempted to herd her back through the gate, Bai Yun attacked one of them.

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