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March 2014, China

Country: China

Location: near Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve

Date: 1 March 2014

Panda: wild panda


70 year-old Guan Quanzhi had his right leg seriously injured by a wild panda. The panda was being chased by more than 200 villagers and wildlife officials. When the frightened panda encountered Guan picking tea leaves on his farm, it bit his right leg and did not let go until someone covered the panda’s head with a coat. The panda then escaped.

Gaun’s injuries included leg and ankle fractures, as well as severed arteries. He required 7 hours of surgery and a 57 day hospital stay. (That link contains an image of the injuries after surgery and skin grafts, but the extent of the damage is clearly visible. Sensitive readers are warned that the image may be upsetting.) Guan’s son was quoted on as saying,

The doctor said my father was lucky enough to avoid an amputation, but he may be incapable of working in the future.




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